Advertisement sizes


We also run classified, and Senior living guide ads.

Submitted Advertisment Specs

• All linked files (photos, clip art, fonts) must be included

• Must be 300 dpi at full print size and flattened to avoid missing links

• All linked files must be included or embedded
• Fonts must be outlined or included with file

EPS Files:
• Raster or vector. Rasterized files must be 300 dpi or better for print. Vector files must include all fonts or be converted to curves/outlines

Image Files: (TIF, JPG)
• All image files must be 300 dpi or better
• We cannot use images from websites, the internet, Word, PowerPoint, or Excel
• When emailing images, please do not embed them in the email, instead, attach them as a separate file

PDF Files:
• Must be created at “print” or “press” quality (embedded fonts, 300 dpi, AIl editing turned on)

Sorry, but we do not accept Publisher, Power Point or Word files as camera-ready art. You can send these files as a “prototype” of your ad layout, but if you want to use a file built in these programs, they must be correctly sized and saved as a high resolution or “press quality” pdf. If you are unsure about your files or file formats, feel free to contact our design staff at (208) 336-6707. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.